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Investment focus

Our multi-strategy approach enables us to identify key value drivers, strategies, and operations

We typically look to invest as early as possible so that we can make the best positive impact. All our investments are pre-seed, seed, or series A. The seed stage is the most important time for a start-up and often, where you need the most support.

This key stage is where we believe we can add the most value — whether it’s helping you with finding product market fit, building your company culture, or getting your next financing round.

Infrastructure B2B2C
Solutions that allow chains to scale the dev community, at the same time providing the end users with quality architect logic and UX. SaaS model is used as a mode for business monetization and can be applied in web3 without token issuance.

Focus on

SaaS based APIs
Zero code solutions for content creators
The number of new projects in Web 3 is steadily growing, and all of them face growth challenges. They need support in creating and launching blockchain applications.

Focus on

Zero code solutions
Infrastructure Solutions
Cross-platform Solutions
Platforms for hiring Web 3 dev
Open source Solutions
Blockchain technology is designed to decentralize applications and change the way information is stored and transmitted. We see many opportunities for growth in this sector.

Focus on

Zero Validation
Web 3 domains
Web 3 social networking
Decentralized messaging apps
Though blockchain technology opened global opportunity to add decentralization to social and economic processes, it still constantly improve scalability, security, transactions speed and cost. This leads to new generations of sustainable protocols to emerge on the market and create investment opportunities.

Focus on

Cross-chain interoperability protoco
WEB 3 content creation
Metaverse, social media and media platforms built with Web 3 technology will continue to grow due to the community demand for advanced projects in this areas. Ownership of digital art, music and other creative works will be represented by the NFT, including an emergence of new use cases.

Focus on

Entertainment industry
Gaming industry
Virtual Events
Tokenized real assets

meet The team


We are entrepreneurs who have built consumer and b2b products that are used by millions of people worldwide.

As ex-entrepreneurs ourselves, we know what it takes to get a start-up off the ground. We’ve gone through the journey too, from the scratch, and all the way through to raising funds to build sustainable business.



Co-investing partners



Fully on-chain central limit order book developed on the Fuel Network. It provides exceptional control over liquidity providers, is asset-independent, consolidates liquidity and offers a top-notch trading infrastructure
Lemonade serves as the automation engine for numerous segregated dApps and tools, enabling clients to effortlessly merge integrated features for creating online and offline events, communities, blogs, e-commerce ventures, proprietary dApps, and various other forms of interactions.
CV Pad is a launchpad that democratizes early-stage venture capital investments, by leveraging CV VC, CV Labs, and DuckDao's VC and acceleration/incubation frameworks
Magic Square
DAO marketplace for crypto apps that relies on a community of users and developers for app quality control in order to filter out inappropriate apps and scams.

Created by market leaders with extensive experience and knowledge in crypto market and backed by Binance Labs, Republic Capital and among other top tier Web3 investors.
Decentralized DeFi protocol, that allows its users to utilize their BTC holding and generate yield from Lightning Network in addition to traditional DeFi.

Is built by boosty.labs leaders and backed by Decentral Park Capital and Partner of Bitfury Group among others.
Alliance is the leading Web3 accelerator and founder community. Alliance finds the best founders, funds and accelerates them, and provides them a community for lifetime support.

Since early 2020, they helped the top 1% of Web3 founders start and grow their companies. It is done through an intense 3-month program led by leading Web3 experts. The community includes fellow founders, lawyers, auditors, liquidity providers, market makers and more.
Lurk Labs
Lurk is a Turing-complete programming language for recursive zk-SNARKs & Domain Specific Language, based on Nova proving system. Is built by Y-Combinator alumni and ex-Protocol Labs Seniors.
Leading provider of widest suite of services connecting developers with Web3 infrastructure, powering applications in DeFi, NFT, gaming, analytics, TradFi and everything in between.
Leading cross-chain asset bridging and messaging protocol, built by PhD in Mathematics and physics and backed by ParaFi Capital, Animoca Brands and among other top tier investors.
RPS labs
RPS labs (prev. Metalistings) is building LLM & AI infrastructure to power tomorrow's autonomous agents, DApps, & next-gen blockchain analytics. This infrastructure allows anyone to build LLM based applications securely and at scale, with full context of the blockchain in real time.
Bubblemaps can be considered as Block Explorer 2.0. with innovated wallets and transactions visualization approach.

Intended for both B2B and B2C, has solid community, key strategic partners and public appreciation by tier-1 companies.
A one-stop platform for all games in the market, offering safety, zero web friction, and powered by an ecosystem token supported by gaming giants

The platform supports multiple chains including Solana, AVAX, IMX, Polygon, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Gala, BNB, Telos, Sui, and Core. Base, Hedera and Flow
Shardeum is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, smart contract platform which is designed to linearly scale while maintaining true decentralization and solid security through the use of dynamic state sharding.

Partitioning of the nodes in the network into smaller groups called shards divides the workload and allows for more parallel processing.
Kontigo is a fintech company and developer of the Lending Circles app, which allows users to take advantage of the concept in an automated and scalable way. Using products such as:
The Kontigo Cash
The Kochinito
Kontigo SAN
Save Now, Buy Later
Kontigo credit


UFV invests in outstanding founders in web3. Our all-round approach to identify such teams allows them to reach next level on the road to true technological decentralization and ownership.

UFV has built relationships with pioneers, such as Bitcoin and Etherium Foundations, top layer one protocols and Tier 1 exchanges.

Through our unique networks and communities, UFV backs the teams with direct access to global outstanding talent - helping projects reach their full potential

Technology advising

Cybersecurity, smart contract audits and stress testing. Support from world-class developers from leading web3 companies


Listing support

Advice and assistance in listing on major Centralized Exchanges


Strategic investor partnerships

Access to our tools and guidance on market insights, recruitment, growth strategies, market positioning and strategizing



Defining strategy and feasibility, detailed tokenomics audit by our best export.


Legal support

We provide legal audits and consulting for our portfolio companies


Project partnerships

A network of digital world entrepreneurs, advisors and supporters